• Elvis Special Edition DVD Boxset

Elvis Special Edition DVD Boxset

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Elvis box set Is Elvis Special Edition:Elvis Presley wrote musical history across his 24-year career. Now his "authorised biography" unfolds in this marvellous exploration of a life which impacted the world like no other's.Elvis: That's The Way It Is Special Edition:No ticket? No problem. Go inside the studio for rehearsals. Backstage. Elbow-to-elbow with celebrities at the best table in the sold-out showroom. It's summer 1970 and you have unrestricted access to the hottest show in town: Elvis Presley's milestone four weeks of appearances at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.Jailhouse Rock Deluxe Edition:The King plays Vince Everett, jailed for manslaughter after a bar fight. There, Vince learns to belt out tunes instead of saloon patrons and after being paroled, follows a bumpy road to music and movie success.Viva Las Vegas Deluxe Edition:In one of his most popular movies, Elvis is racecar driver Lucky Jackson who arrives in town with hi car literally in tow. In order to enter the first Las Vegas Grand Prix, he must raise enough money to buy a new engine.Charro!:The Elvis on screen here isn't the clean-cut all-American kid ready to hit the beach or dance floor. Instead, a barbed stubble covers his face. His hat hangs low over his eyes. And a bandana hides the ugly scar that marks him as a killer.Girl Happy:Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale. It's the perfect time and place for a girl, a guy, a beach blanket - and for a box-office bonanza when Elvis Presley foes Girl Happy.Kissin' Cousins:The King plays dark-haired Air Force Lt. Josh Morgan and blond good ol' boy Jodie Tatum. On an assignment that's "like biting into a beehive," Josh wants to negotiate with the Tatums for military use of their Smokey Mountain homestead as a missile site. But Jodie is wary of this lookalike who claims to be kin.Stay Away, Joe:Just when Navajo rodeo star Joe Lightcloud has it all figured out, his plans go up in smoke. His idea about raising cattle on the reservation is a good one. But you know that great food Joe and everyone else enjoyed at the community party last night? Turns out somebody's barbecued the herd's only bull!Live a Little, Love a Little:In demand photographer, Greg holds two simultaneous jobs; one for the publisher (Dan Porter) of a girlie magazine and another for an advertising man (Rudy Vallee). It's a great way to make a living as long as Greg can keep each boss from finding out about the other.
Elvis Special Edition DVD Boxset
Elvis Special Edition DVD Boxset